Parma Ham Salad with Stuffed Cherry Peppers

The sweetness of the cherry peppers and the hints of sweetness and salt of the Parma Ham, makes this salad a fantastic meal! Serves 2 people Ingredients 1 bag Italian style salad 1 cup baby spinach 2 medium carrots, sliced 10 slices cucumber (5 slices x person) 8 slices Parma Ham (4 slices x person) 8 stuffed cherry peppers (4 peppers x person) Extra virgin … Continue reading Parma Ham Salad with Stuffed Cherry Peppers

Cannellini Beans & Tuna Mix

Cannellini beans are a healthy food choice. High in protein, they are perfect in soups and salads. Serves 4 people Ingredients 800g (2 cans) cannellini beans 1 medium red onion (or 3 medium spring onion bulbs), chopped 6 × 80g or 3 × 160g tuna (try the Italian brands for a tastier flavour) Half cucumber, chopped 2 medium size vine tomatoes, chopped 2 celery sticks, … Continue reading Cannellini Beans & Tuna Mix

Paratha Rolls with Wild Rocket Salad

Parathas are quick to prepare and very tasty. Simply fill them with your favourite veggie, meat or cheese and enjoy. Here’s how I make mine. Serves 2 people Ingredients 1 bag Paratha 200g (1 pack) French Torchon or your favourite cured ham 1 mozzarella, sliced 1 bag rocket salad 2 vines tomatoes, sliced 1 pack sliced red Leicester cheese Half cucumber, sliced Extra virgin olive … Continue reading Paratha Rolls with Wild Rocket Salad

Roasted Chicken Thighs with Potatoes

Who can resist roasted chicken with potatoes!! I like to eat it at least a couple of times per month and each time, I like it a little bit more. So, go ahead and enjoy! Serves 3 people Ingredients 600g chicken thighs fillets (or the 1kg pack as you can always freeze the pieces you don’t need) 1/1.5 kg white potatoes Lemon & herbs seasoning … Continue reading Roasted Chicken Thighs with Potatoes

Mandarin Orange Cake

Soft and flavourful, light and moist, this mandarin orange infused cake will quickly become one of your favourite desserts. A perfect accompaniment to Nuvy’s Floral Nest tea infusion (visit our online tea shop at Serves 6/8 people Ingredients 200g plain flour 200g sugar 200g unsalted butter 2 eggs 2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda The juice and zest of 3 mandarin oranges Method In a … Continue reading Mandarin Orange Cake