Photo album

My Aloe Vera is my Christmas tree every year
My lovely chilly extra virgin olive oil
My surprise breakfast on my birthday. I love buttery croissants! 😊
Baby Nuvy’s first time at the beach in Italy
Fresh coconut from Venezuela. I could eat this every day and never get bored!
Baby Nuvy loves her soups πŸ™‚
Venezuelan ham bread (Pan de Jamon) made for Christmas by one of my husband’s friends. Delicious!
Pistachio Baklavas and Turkish tea I ordered from a small bar in Istanbul, Turkey. So good!
Celebrating a day trip to Kingswear and Dartmouth, England, with a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio
The British Mr Whippy vanilla flavor ice cream is my favourite. Yummy!
A box of ginger hearts biscuits from Ikea. Perfect with coffee or Mulled wine.

Nuvy in a box πŸ˜…
Comfort food πŸ˜‹

Fried calamary will always be one of my favourite thing to eat!

My husband’s super fluffy omelette. He said the secret is 1. add a splash of milk to the eggs and 2. cover them with a lid while they are cooking 😁
Let’s face it, we all love a Chinese takeaway every now and then. And I absolutely love crispy duck with pancakes!
My grandmother celebrating her 93rd birthday. She makes the most amazing French pancakes!

I miss Italian markets with its fresh artisanal products! The smell of these salamis is divine πŸ˜‡

Well done to my husband for waking up at 5am to go to Billingsgate (seafood) Market near Canary Wharf, London, and come back with this amazing lobster. Not only that, but he even watched a quick video from Gordon Ramsey to learn how to present it just like like in the picture. Wonderful job!
It may not be healthy, but sometimes, we all need fried food in our life..
If you like a good cappuccino or espresso, De’Longhi Dedica is your coffee machine πŸ‘Œ
This lovely bottle of red wine was given to me by a colleague. I must remember to get one when I’ll go back to Romania.
Small cheese factory at Zaanse Schans, a picturesque Dutch village outside Amsterdam. A must see place!
I miss Venezuela! Here we are in Colonia Tovar, a town outside Caracas with many market stalls in the street selling all sorts of amazing food!
Our beautiful tea blends. The idea of Nuvy’s Tea came after our baby daughter Nuvy, who is our constant inspiration. Visit and read her story ❀
Mango tree in Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela. It is a protected archipelago and marine preserve on the Caribbean coast. My time here was superb!
A typical Venezuelan breakfast that includes arepas (corn flour bread), grated cheese, fried eggs and fresh tropical juices. Here we are in Coro, visiting the beautiful Parque National de los Medanos de Coro (Coro Dunes National Park, which covers 35 sq mi of desert). Totally worth a visit! πŸ’˜
Have you ever tried white pizza with veggies? If not, you must. The one with thinly sliced potatoes with rosemary is totally the best..oh yes!!
Banana tree from Venezuela. I was amazed at how many exotic fruits you can casually find in the streets.
A good fry-up is sometimes the best remedy to all woes ☺
My husband and I had this lovely lunch with home made guacamole, tzatziki, hummus and tabbouleh with pitta bread (we even shallow fried some pitta and it tasted delicious!) πŸ˜‰